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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2010|10:25 pm]
An Angel Sanctuary RPG

I see this comm hasn't been updated in years. But I am going to post hoping that someone will be interested in an rp with me over AIM. For at least a year now I have been trying to find someone to rp Raphael to my Mika-chan. Anyone interested?

Below is a little more info. :-)

Name: Jaime
Age: 27
AIM handle: BlindAngl
Your LJ: [Bad username: see_who_iam"]
Ships supported: MichaelxRaphael, MichaelxLucifer, ZaphikelxUriel
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Kira. [Jul. 4th, 2006|01:11 am]
An Angel Sanctuary RPG
Name: Alicia.
Character's Name: Sakuya Kira
Age (optional): 17
AIM handle (mandatory): kirasakuyasama
Your LJ: nanasakuya
Character's LJ: nanatsuyasama
Ships supported: KiraxSetsuna, LuciferxAlexiel, KiraxKatou, BelialxLucifer, SaraxSetsuna, KatanxRosiel
Favorite vintage movie star: I'd have to say Aubrey Hepburn, too.
Your character's strengths: Loyalty, strength (in general), intelligence, witty humor, awareness, sex appeal.
Weaknesses: Alexiel.
Likes: Honesty, sex, alcohol, smoking, books, women, clubbing, catholicism, christianity, loyalty, tough love, jokes.
Dislikes: Dishonesty, idiocy, cowardice.
Personality description: Although at times may appear to be all hard with no heart, there is sincerity hidden inside that is often shown to those close and loved. Often flirty towards the ladies, but with suitable kindess, nevertheless. Shows civility (polite behavior) when wanted and needed, and brutality when ruffled. When it comes to humor, it is generally shown, although sometimes mistakened otherwise.
Physical description: Close to 6'3", broad shoulders with a slender waist and firm face structure. Dark brown hair that falls near the lower neck. Hazel eyes (or what most call: gold). On the occasion of reading, can be seen with glasses. 
Personal History: N/A ((If that's acceptable?))
Status (archangel, seraph, demon, Evil, etc...): Human.
A selection from one of your previous RPs: Seeing as I do not have an accurate piece in my possession from an RP, I do hope the piece I have chosen from one of my stories makes up for that. I'm sorry. Unfortunately, if it doesn't, I will try to find one. Pardon my current lethargic manner.
A selection of your OWN writing
She sighed softly as the rough end beat of strumming cleared its stand and left an echo of melody to trace on. The sound of the soft rhythm disrupted into a metallic crash with the mixture of tambourines spiraling and a guitar cranking into electric notes of harsh tones. She covered her ears and winced silently, glaring off to an open hall before her that ended with a slouched figure hovering over the instrumental annoyance.

"Shit!" Was all she heard from the form ahead, watching that aspect pace back and forth with the instrument at hand, muttering nonsense under breath. She stood up off the couch and out of her uncomfortable position, then made her way to the mystery before her lurking eyes. When she had reached them, they looked at her in struggled anger and motioned her to leave. She took a chance and turned her aura away, but the man that had ordered her to leave, wanted her back again.

As he carried the guitar in hand and flipped the strap over his shoulder, he had placed it carefully by the stand post, looking to make sure it would be still before he would return to her presence. He took his steps, then placed himself in center of her viewing, blocking off all her seeking. His scent of fresh water and sweat, and fluoresce of lavender mixed in the hue of honey only brought in the aroused of more longings to enjoy.

I hope that's enough! If wanting more, please tell me so. I am, however, confused as to whether or not you wanted my weakness through personal history, or the character's. Figuratively, I would think the character's, so I had put that. I apologize if I ended up getting that wrong. XD
I do hope I am a considerable Kira. ^__^

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Katan ^^!~ [Jun. 23rd, 2006|11:31 pm]
An Angel Sanctuary RPG

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Name: Kei.
Character's Name: Katan.
Age (optional): Thirteen.
AIM handle (mandatory): James hearts PH//SanguineVial ((I'll be on either one of those, at all times.))
Your LJ: Flaxen_and_fire
Character's LJ: In the making... ... ...
Ships supported: RosielxKatan, Male!BelialxLucifer, Child!KatanxRosiel, KuraixAlexiel, KuraixArakune, MichaelxRaphael.
Favorite vintage movie star: I really don't have one, actually.
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(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2006|09:58 pm]
An Angel Sanctuary RPG
Name: Eleven
Character's Name: Rociel
Age (optional): 18
AIM handle (mandatory): ivoryforte
Your LJ: idreamofshoebox
Character's LJ: ami_beautiful
Ships supported: Rociel/Katan, Rociel/Lucifer, Sara/Setsuna, Katan/Lucifer, Raphael/Michael, Uriel/Lucifer, Arakune/Kurai, Kurai/Lucifer, Belial/Lucifer
Favorite vintage movie star: Audrey Hepburn, easily.

By the way...I'm also your mod!
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